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Thank you

By Danielle Wynn, Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry, Jubilee Church Wirral

Thank you.

Thank you to my mum who introduced me to who God is.

Thank you to my first Sunday school teacher who taught me about Jesus.

Thank you to the leaders in my church who let me help in Sunday school when I was 13.

Thank you to my boyfriend’s youth leaders who took us on trips and taught us to pray.

Thank you to the lady I babysat for who invited me to an Easter play showing Jesus’ death and resurrection. I will never forget it.

Thank you to the wonderful Christian lady who knocked on my door when I moved to Liverpool to invite me to church.

Thank you to the same lady who taught me how to read the bible.

Thank you to the church planting couple who came to Liverpool to show people Jesus and make disciples.

Thank you to the same leaders who taught me about the Holy Spirit and how to memorise scripture.

Thank you for the opportunity to then teach others.

Thank you to all of the Christian friends I made who loved and supported me.

Thank you to my home group leaders who taught me about the return of Jesus.

Thank you to my company director who prioritised reading the bible on arrival to work every day. What a great example.

Thank you to my chief executive and managing director for creating a culture of serving others and managing with compassion. What a great company to work for.

Thank you to my church leaders for teaching me generosity and how to serve others.

Thank you to my aunt who showed me how the gift of forgiveness can release people from the bondage from the past.

Thank you to the children I have taught for giving me joy and giving me a reason to be silly.

Thank you to all of the youth who share their lives with me, make me laugh, cry and sing. Love you all!

Thank you to my husband and children who have taught me patience, forgiveness and mercy.

Thank you Lord for the promises you have made over my life.

Thank you Jesus for saving me.

As we work our way through our series on discipleship I am struck by all of the moments that contribute to growing in our faith.


Michael and Helen O'Brien Jubilee Church Wirral

Danielle Wynn, Jubilee Church Wirral

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