'healing' Tagged Posts

'healing' Tagged Posts

Nelleke Marcus Jubilee Church Wirral

Nelleke’s Story

Nelleke’s daughter was on a feeding tube and now can eat all foods! As Nelleke puts it, “God is a God of miracles!”

Ginny’s healing story

Ginny shares amazing story of God’s healing power in her life. This is a great story to raise your expectation of God’s goodness breaking out in your own life to bring healing.

Rick’s Story | Cataracts

Rick shares how his mum had the test results of her cataracts miraculously changed – she no longer needs an operation.

Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn shares how God has done amazing things for her Dad’s health. Prayer works!

Carol’s breakthrough

Carol shares how she’s been surprised by God’s healing coming though unexpectedly. Really encouraging.

Sue’s healing

Sue shares how God was there for her in hospital and how He faithfully answered her prayers.

Sue’s Healing

Sue’s story of healing following a simple prayer.
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