Sermons from March 2021

Sermons from March 2021

HEARING is DOING – Dave Frodsham

How are you at hearing? Hearing from other people and hearing from God? It’s easy to run through the day without really engaging with that happening around us or what God’s doing around us. So how do we make sure we’re really engaging with the world and with God?

JOY! – Danielle Wynn

How do you do maintaining your own joy? Want to know how to stay ‘joy-filled’ every day. Danielle digs into the scriptures to see what God says about the source of our joy.  

Sink or Swim – Rick Robertson

Rick unpacks Noah’s flood story in Genesis to show how it points to Jesus – there are some important choices we need to make today as we walk with God. Are you choosing the right boat?  

Living for the Crown of Life – Dave Frodsham

As we kick off our series on the book of James, Dave shares how the difficulties we go through as we walk with and trust God will lead to good things as we press on with Jesus day by day. What are you going through at the moment? Start here with one step. Trust Jesus.