Sermons from February 2021

Sermons from February 2021

The Lord, He is God – Jonathan Kent

Jonathan brings us stories from the life of Elijah, and man who followed God when those around him were not – but life was not easy for him. We discover how God meets Elijah in his struggles in powerful and miraculous ways, and he will me us where we are too.

Turn Up The Brightness – Dave Frodsham

How can we turn up the brightness of God’s kingdom working in and through our lives? Dave takes us on a journey this morning to discover what ‘Kingdom brightness’ looks like in our lives, reflecting on what it looked like for Jesus and therefore how we can walk the same path he did as a church and as individuals.    

Vernon Martin – Jesus our PEACE

Vernon considers the many many ways this world tries to achieve lasting peace, and how ultimately we have only one way to to find this as individuals and as community – His name is Jesus!    

Tuning in to God’s mission – Dave Frodsham

Continuing our series on Making Disciples Dave challenges us to see the vital part we play in God’s plans, and how important it is that we stayed tuned in to his voice and take clear steps to do what he says. What steps are you taking for God today?