Sermons from February 2020

Sermons from February 2020

Working with God’s plans // Denis Knowles

Denis shares three powerful stories from the bible of people who have had to trust God’s plans when thing don’t look good. Is there something in your life that looks like God’s plans are off course, as you put your hand in His let Him assure you that all is well.

Who Are You // Dave Frodsham

You might think your life is pretty ordinary, but when you walk in friendship with Jesus, your ordinary life becomes extraordinary. Find out about the extraordinary lives of the early church as we continue our series “Believers in Action” from the book of Acts.

From Slaves to Sons // Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent powerfully shares from the book of Galatians on our adoption into the family of God, and how this changes everything for us – now and forever. Discover what it means to ‘live out’ your true place in God’s family, and how this changes the world around you.