Sermons on Vision

Sermons on Vision

New Seasons | Jeremy Simpkins

Today we were blessed to be joined by Jeremy Simpkins who leads the ChristCentral churches region. Jeremy spoke about God doing new things through us, and challenged us to not dwell on the past but instead to move forward with our eyes on God. This message contains some poignant words for us as a church, and we are excited to step into what God has spoken to us.

Enlarge the place of your tent

God is looking for increase in each one of us, he’s looking for partnering with him in kingdom growth. Today Chris looks how God’s sees us, our identity in Him and how this leads to living our lives renewed for more growth as we work with Him – seeing His kingdom come. God transforms desolate people, to use them to transform desolate cities.

Luke: The road to Jerusalem

Robin unpacks this intriguing story of the blind man who called out to Jesus from the crowd. We see how he actually had very clear vision even though he was blind – seeing his own need of Jesus and seeing who Jesus truly was. How’s your vision today? Do you need to ask God for fresh eyes to see your need of Him, and what amazing purpose He has for your life?