Sermons on Serving

Sermons on Serving

Believers in team | Dave Frodsham

Believers in Action series – What does it mean to be church together? As Dave unpacks the rest of Acts 1 we see how vital each individual is, to live and serve effectively as church. You are a vital part of His church today.  

Luke: An attitude of gratitude

As we share in celebrating all that God has done and all that He will do, it fits perfectly to draw these wonderful keys from Luke. Jesus shows how thankfulness and gratitude towards God changes your thinking, your heart and your life. Let us be so grateful to God for His abundant love in our lives, that we live for Him in everything we do.

Who is the greatest. Connect | Serving

What does it mean to truly serve well? Jesus redirects our whole concept of serving being the key to greatness in God’s kingdom. As Dave takes us into this fantastic finale of our Connect series, we discover what it means to truly serve – from hearts that have allowed Jesus to serve us and love us just as we are.