Sermons on Revival

Sermons on Revival

Ginny Burgin | Appetite for Revival

The Holy Spirit is moving and loves to fill our lives whenever we ask. Ginny helps us open up to the more of the Holy Spirit in our lives, our expectation to see revival break into the normal run of life increases…

Living in the grace of God

  Mark brings to us the message of God’s amazing grace and how to live in it. Through Ephesians he teaches us that grace embraces every person, meaning the gospel is offensive to the self-righteous. We will never meet anyone who does not have worth and value to God – as Mark unfolds this game changing truth we see how such thinking changes the way we live.

The expectation of revival

Denis brings a wonderful picture of what God’s been saying in recent days, and challenges us to expect the Holy Spirit to bring revival to every area of life. He outlines God’s part in this, and our part in this; using the story of the resurrection of Larazus. Are you living in expectation of what God is bringing?

Embracing a Culture of Revival

We welcome Mark Curtis to Jubilee as he shares with us a powerful message of what it means to live with God in sustained revival. What amazing things is God doing across the land through churches? We are hearing of many many churches planted all the time, God is on the move! Can we count the cost and give all to follow Him into the amazing things He is doing in our time…?