Sermons on Rejection

Sermons on Rejection

Jesus as the all you can eat buffet! | Matthew Price

Matthew walks with us through John 4 as we see Jesus share the good news of salvation with the Samaritans. We see that through Jesus, the excluded are now included! We also see how we obtain “living waters” that quench every thirst and how to keep drinking each and every day.

Love your enemies, because God first loved you

We all find it hard to love those we struggle with in our lives. Can we do more than just put up with, or ignore those we find difficult or who have hurt us? Can we actively find ways to love them? Listen to this challenging talk as Dave shares with us how we can bless, and love because God’s power within us make us able.

Jesus; rejected yet chosen

Who do you think you are. Jesus knew who He was regardless of all the rejection of this world. Listen to Dave share with us a challenge; how can we be all God wants us to be, reaching out to the unreachable?