Sermons on Pursuing God

Sermons on Pursuing God

The Pursuit to be Healed | Chris Butterworth

As we continue our series on Pursuing the Miraculous Chris gives us 4 keys to pursuing God healing for ourselves and others. If you have been praying and waiting for healing we pray this message will encourage you to keep going to Jesus, believing He is willing.  

Pursuing Healing | Chris Butterworth

What did Jesus mean when he told us to go and heal the sick? As we continue our series on Pursuing the Miraculous Chris shares with us God’s heart to heal and bring freedom in people’s lives, and how He wants to move us with compassion for those around us.

Firestarters | Denis Goldsworthy-Davis

Denis powerfully shares his story of pursuing God and finding God. He challenges us to step out from simply going through the motions and start running after God with all our hearts. Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis has been blessed to travel extensively throughout the world ministering both apostolically and prophetically to the body of Christ. Wherever Dennis travels he operates within a strong governmental prophetic office and frequently sees the Presence of God and the Spirit of Revival break out upon the…