Sermons on Prayer

Sermons on Prayer

Encourage your hearts | Ephesians | Dave Frodsham

This new community of the church that Paul has written about in Ephesians is a community of love and good works but its how we get to those that is also important. We need to pray for one another, encourage one another and give much grace to one another. His courage in your hearts and His clarity in your vision.

Wrestling Right | Rick Robertson | Ephesians

As we approach the conclusion of our journey through Ephesians we are introduced to The Opposition. Looking at what it means to ‘wrestle right’ with the issues of our life and the trouble in the world, we discover that we can choose to belong to God’s victory plan as we step out to change the world with Him.

Expecting mountains to be moved

Sylvia shares what it means to look to God, the mountain mover to bring breakthrough – and how we can activate this kind of faith through prayer and fasting. We are expectant that Jesus’ power will be breaking out as we press into all His has stored up for us during our week of prayer and fasting and beyond.

The arrest and trials of Jesus

How often do we struggle along with anxiety, forgetting that God is waiting for us to bring it to Him. As Jesus faces His greatest trial He falls to His knees before His Father – going to God in the darkness of the garden, He talks with His Father and comes out in the light. As Dave unfolds to us the story of Jesus’ darkest hour, we discover what it means to bring our own anxiety to God and find a peace that goes…

How to pray

It’s hard to trust God when the answers aren’t what we expect, but here in Luke Jesus shows us the way to press forward humbly believing in God’s goodness. But what if our life is not up to scratch? What then?  – do we miss out on God’s goodness? As Dave unfolds these questions we see the righteousness we trust in is actually God’s and not ours, and discover open access to a Father who loves to give us good things…  

Conversations with God

How do we pray? The vital questions around how we communicate with God are unfolded by Kevin, describing just what the bible tells us, and sharing his amazing stories of a God who always acts; although not always as we expect!

Reserved for you

God has reserved a work for you here on Earth, and bucket loads of blessing in eternity. Are you running with and for God’s plan for you? Ewan challenges us to take hold of the important things in life and live for God each and every day we are given. Our times are in His hands, and He is faithful.

Connecting through Home Groups

Continuing our connecting series Dave and Michael look at the importance of home groups and 24/7 community in the Christian life. We look at the three key questions: What does it look like to part of a healthy body? Why be part of small group? & What can I expect from home groups at Jubilee? Find out more about Jubilee home groups….. Contact a home group to get involved…..

Connecting through prayer

We start this new year with a challenge to pray. Pray with all our hearts. Pray devotedly. As we look afresh at what it means to seek God alone and together in prayer, Dave reminds us of God’s powerful word given three years ago. God isgoing ahead of us, we just need to keep engaged with him. What does your prayer life look like? Are you hungry for more of God in your life? As we step into God’s plans…

Try praying

Why pray? Are we expecting anything to happen when we do? According to the statistics only 1 in 3 people who say they have prayed actually believe God will answer. How about you? Dave looks at Jesus telling His disciples about prayer and unfolds how God is abundant in His answers our prayers, especially when it comes to asking for the life changing gift of Holy Spirit.