Sermons on Obedience

Sermons on Obedience

Kingdom Breakout | Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis

Dennis speaks to us from God’s words and brings his unique prophetic gifting to speak God’s heart for the church. He challenge us to those who not only see what God wants to do, but to be those who take hold of it. SEE what God is doing and step into it…

Honour and Submission | Michael Marcus | Ephesians

In our modern society, the word obedience and honor have negative connotations that are often associated with social control. But the Bible says “Children obey your parents; honor your father and mother so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life”. Michael continues our series on the book of Ephesians using personal experience and testimonies to expose Ephesians 6:1-9.

Encounters with God | Moses | Part 2 | Dave Frodsham

Are we ready to turn aside and look to see what God is doing and saying around us every day? Or are we all too quick to put ‘God moments’ off till they are convenient? God is inviting us into an adventure what requires one thing only – obedience. God’s desire is for us, and loves our heart response of ‘here I am – send me today’….

Reigniting God’s promises

When God’s story for Abram didn’t seem to be going the way he’d expected he told him to “Lift up your eyes”. Abram had to lift his eyes of faith to believe God’s promises, even though he couldn’t yet see how they would unfold. This week we welcome Michael from Grace Church Stoke-on-Trent to come and share this amazing story of how God gives us promises, but how we need to take hold of these promises again by faith. God will breath new life…

Let your yes be yes

God is a God of renewal and that means bringing us on to confidently walk with Him in all the decisions we make. Does your yes and no match what God has already established in your heart? Often it’s easy to say yes to God but have some ifs and maybes thrown in there too! As Dave unpacks these passages for us, we begin to understand that our lives in God revolve around staying true to the things God has already established in…

Divine Healing

Divine healing is a key theme running through the bible; God showing His amazing grace through physically healing people. Michael focuses today on the story of Naaman, who was trusting in his status, rather trusting in God’s grace, causing a blockage to God’s healing. We unfold five key characters in this tale and see where our own hearts stand when it comes to an expectation of God’s healing power in everyday life.