Sermons on Missions

Sermons on Missions

What’s coming?

We live in a world where we want everything and want it now – you could call it a drive through lifestyle. But when we really take a step back we see that some of the things we’re after are not part of God’s plan. Dave gets us refocused on what really matters in life as he unfolds what an amazing mission we are on with God’s.


Are you living life in and through the presence of God, or are you running and hiding to keep yourself out of the battles, like Jonah did? God has called us to stay close to Him and following His voice, even when there are tough times. We need our hearts open to God and ready to go where He goes every day.

With Jesus in the storms

Joseph Mwila from Zambia shares with us about getting through the storms of life as God works each and every one for His purposes. Be encouraged as you listen to Joseph’s own story and what an amazing adventure we have with Jesus in the boat.

Jesus Calls

Jesus is calling us from where we are to where He wants us to be. What does His call on our lives actually mean though? And what do we actually need to do about it? Dave opens this up to us as we look further into the book of Luke. Jesus calls His first disciples; turning their worlds upside down. Is His call on your life turning your world upside down too?