Sermons on Marriage

Sermons on Marriage

The Mystery of Marriage

Dave explains God’s heart for marriage and how much we need God’s spirit and amazing grace for marriage to be successful. We also see that there is a far deeper mystery to marriage that points straight to amazing love Jesus has for His church….

Sons of the resurrection

Life is full of questions and Jesus is on the firing line again today as He is questioned about life after death. These questions are not going to get fully answered though, until the religious leaders of the time see Jesus raised from the dead. It’s only when we fully believe that Jesus came back to life and lives today do our big questions of life start making sense.

God’s calling on fathers and husbands

  Who am I? That’s a question we often struggle with and there’s all kinds of answers to choose from in this world. As Robin explores what Paul says in his letter to the Ephesians regarding husbands and fathers we begin to get the true key to our identity; we can be truly awesome husbands and fathers only with Christ at the centre of our lives.