Sermons on Jesus' return

Sermons on Jesus' return

What’s coming?

We live in a world where we want everything and want it now – you could call it a drive through lifestyle. But when we really take a step back we see that some of the things we’re after are not part of God’s plan. Dave gets us refocused on what really matters in life as he unfolds what an amazing mission we are on with God’s.

Is the Kingdom here or is it coming?

When we look at the Kingdom of God we see breakthrough and changed lives, but there is evidently more to come when we look around the world, so how do we live with this paradigm? As Dave delves into what Jesus says about God’s Kingdom we look at three keys: What is the kingdom of God? The kingdom is here. The kingdom is coming. How we approach each one of these determines how we live for God in our lives. We need to…

Are you ready for the Master’s return?

Are you ready to serve Jesus? Or distracted by all the trappings of life? As Robin unfolds this key passage in Luke we look at what we are doing with our lives. God has given us influence over our money, our time, our relationships and much more, how are we honouring Him with it all as we prepare for meeting Him face to face?