Sermons on In Christ

Sermons on In Christ

Treasure Inside | David Vine

David Vine from the Longcroft Christian Fellowship, Wirral. David gives us three keys to the treasure God has placed in us, and how we can allow this treasure to affect our lives and the lives of those we meet. 2 Corinthians 4

Finding your identity | Jonathan Kent

What our good friend Jonathan Kent shared with us on Sunday was about identity and how that related in the Apostle Peter’s life.  Also that there are identity thieves out there that want to take away our identity and circumstances that shake your identity and also those who fake this identity. He reminded us to know who we are; that we God’s chosen people, that our identity has changed forever and we are to live fruitful and purposeful lives.

Your Identity | Alison Hardy

Alison reminds us today that our identity is found in God not in what we think about ourselves or what others say about us. God has given us all that we need to do the things he has asked us to do and he makes us sufficient and strong when we are trusting him.

The mystery revealed | Dave Frodsham | Ephesians

Dave explains what it means to experience the “unsearchable riches of Christ” and what an amazing situation we find ourselves in as His chruch; those who have the mystery unveiled and are now telling the world. We truly have something that is the answer to the world’s problems and we can start shouting about it!

God’s dwelling place | Part 1 | Dave Frodsham

It’s good to remember where we have come from but even better to remember who you are now. Dave continues our adventure through Ephesians with a impacting message of how God takes what we were and brings us into something more amazing than we could have ever imagined.

Who do you think you are?

Who are you? No really, who are YOU – what defines who you are? This week Dave digs into where our true identity comes from  – the implications of which affect every area of our lives as we live courageously for God.

The Ascension

We react to news in many different ways – news can be amazing or very troubling. Here as we come to the completion of our journey through the book of Luke; we find the disciples are troubled and doubting what’s going on, they hadn’t realised just what an amazing thing was unfolding. Jesus appears and speaks straight into their fear – as He speaks straight into yours today. Fear and confusion is turned into confidence, worship and renewed lives.

Resurrection Day!

How will you respond to the news of Jesus’ resurrection? Are you a sceptic? Or are beginning to marvel at the possibility of a renewed life? Listen as Dave unfolds how the disciples reacted differently to the resurrection, but how their response (and your response) makes all the difference in the world.

Back to Basics

We are delighted to welcome Mark Bowell from Jubilee Church Liverpool to bring us Back to Basics. It’s easy to add all kinds of extra trappings to our Christian life whether that’s things we ‘should’ be doing or ways we ‘should’ be behaving. Marks shows us how living in the basics of our freedom in Christ starts and continues with how we are believing.

Trivial Pursuit

The world is trying to define and separate state and religion, to draw a line, but God is clearly involved in both – so what’s the key to this question that Jesus is asked here “Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar?” The key is not who our money belongs to, or who owns what, but who our hearts belong to…  

Whose authority?

Do we respond to authority that punishes us when we do wrong or authority that corrects us out of genuine love? Dave looks at authority from three different angles; showing us that as we stand firm in God in our lives, we can be true world changers.

Apostolic bust up!

Our life was set for jail and only the cross sets our record straight. We cannot then get tricked into taking up a lesser version of Christianity that relies on other stuff. Keith Gamon brings us this theme to help us as we live as Church together – our inclusion in church family being based solely that we are in Christ. With hearts that are accepting towards each other we begin to affect the world around us with this radical…

Counting the cost

Great crowds were following Jesus, but He makes it clear that there is a cost in following Him. He demands our whole heart which will effect how we live and how we value other things. We need to consider all the costs before we follow and remember as we do follow. He is not a political leader but a rescue expedition leader and wants you as a recruit.

Healing is God’s initiative

Jesus came to us to destroy the work of the devil, set us free from sin and sickness, because of His great love for us. On the cross of Jesus, sickness is dealt a decisive blow. Jesus has the full authority to heal the sick because of the cross. Do you believe it? Dave brings a powerful message from Luke unearthing some of these amazing truths. Stepping into a fresh expectation of healing and freedom in Christ changes the way we live every…

The narrow door

People say the narrowness of the Christian life is scandalous! Can there really  be only one way to God? As Dave unpacks this powerful message, we begin to see just how forgiving and open God is and how the door is narrow, but open to all! The big question is have we stepped through this door and turned our life over to God?

Who is my neighbour?

What shall I do to inherit eternal life? In answer to this question Dave unfolds how we are to go above and beyond what the world would say is enough…how far then should we go in being a Good Samaritan? The standard God is looking for is a complete change of heart from the inside out, so our response to the needs of this world come out of His love that he has placed within us. Loving your neighbour? First know…
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