Sermons on Honouring God

Sermons on Honouring God

A.W.A.L | Ewan Rogers

We are a people who are called to live for God, but we know the challenges we face means we need His grace and His power every day. Ewan powerfully speaks about what it means to live for God come what may, he shares his story of how God has carried him and enabled him to keep walking when all he wanted to do was run, bringing him through to complete healing.

What is worship?

    Everybody worships something (or someone), it’s all about what (or who) that is. Today we take an overview of what worship really means as Robin opens our new mini series; he challenges our hearts to assess what true worship looks like, and just how we live our lives as those who worship God in spirit and in truth. During this talk Robin used these inspirational videos on worship: video1, video2  

Divine Healing

Divine healing is a key theme running through the bible; God showing His amazing grace through physically healing people. Michael focuses today on the story of Naaman, who was trusting in his status, rather trusting in God’s grace, causing a blockage to God’s healing. We unfold five key characters in this tale and see where our own hearts stand when it comes to an expectation of God’s healing power in everyday life.

Luke: An attitude of gratitude

As we share in celebrating all that God has done and all that He will do, it fits perfectly to draw these wonderful keys from Luke. Jesus shows how thankfulness and gratitude towards God changes your thinking, your heart and your life. Let us be so grateful to God for His abundant love in our lives, that we live for Him in everything we do.

DFS (Duty | Faith | Sin)

In order to forgive like God does, the disciples asked for more faith! But Jesus says it’s not about how much faith you have, but what we do with your seed of faith. If you’ve got just a tiny bit of faith you can do and ask for what is impossible. Robin challenges us to look at how we live, who we follow and how well honour our amazing God with our lives.