Sermons on Grace

Sermons on Grace

The Radical Christian | Jonathan Kent

We welcome back Jonathan Kent to stir us onward into Spirit filled radical Christian lives, as we discover what this looks like in Acts 2. Need to get shaken up and refreshed in your walk with God? Been too comfortable for too long? Let the Spirit move you afresh today as you listen. Acts 2. Jude 1.  

Mark Curtis | Here comes the Dreamer

Steps to seeing your destiny fulfilled. Mark brings a key word of living out the dreams of God in our lives. Speaking from the life of Joseph, Mark unfolds the different ways God maintains and breathes freshness into our lives. (

Encourage your hearts | Ephesians | Dave Frodsham

This new community of the church that Paul has written about in Ephesians is a community of love and good works but its how we get to those that is also important. We need to pray for one another, encourage one another and give much grace to one another. His courage in your hearts and His clarity in your vision.

Riches and Power | Ephesians | Dave Frodsham

As we continue in our series on Ephesians; Paul writing to the Church is thankful for their ongoing faith but He also wants God to open the eyes of their hearts to see all that they have in the Lord Jesus. The same is true for us – be thankful be encouraged and be blessed – you are rich in God’s grace. Dave Frodsham speaks from Ephesians 1.

You are a restorer of relationships

Relationships can be one of the most rewarding and most frustrating parts of life and we need a lot of help to get them right. The good news is that God has restored our relationship with himself 100% –  and now He gives us His power to ‘do’ relationships in a whole new way. We can live with open hearts towards everyone we meet and everyone we know – we are marked by His grace and His love.

Back to Basics

We are delighted to welcome Mark Bowell from Jubilee Church Liverpool to bring us Back to Basics. It’s easy to add all kinds of extra trappings to our Christian life whether that’s things we ‘should’ be doing or ways we ‘should’ be behaving. Marks shows us how living in the basics of our freedom in Christ starts and continues with how we are believing.

Divine Healing

Divine healing is a key theme running through the bible; God showing His amazing grace through physically healing people. Michael focuses today on the story of Naaman, who was trusting in his status, rather trusting in God’s grace, causing a blockage to God’s healing. We unfold five key characters in this tale and see where our own hearts stand when it comes to an expectation of God’s healing power in everyday life.

Luke: The road to Jerusalem

Robin unpacks this intriguing story of the blind man who called out to Jesus from the crowd. We see how he actually had very clear vision even though he was blind – seeing his own need of Jesus and seeing who Jesus truly was. How’s your vision today? Do you need to ask God for fresh eyes to see your need of Him, and what amazing purpose He has for your life?

Living in the grace of God

  Mark brings to us the message of God’s amazing grace and how to live in it. Through Ephesians he teaches us that grace embraces every person, meaning the gospel is offensive to the self-righteous. We will never meet anyone who does not have worth and value to God – as Mark unfolds this game changing truth we see how such thinking changes the way we live.

God’s calling on fathers and husbands

  Who am I? That’s a question we often struggle with and there’s all kinds of answers to choose from in this world. As Robin explores what Paul says in his letter to the Ephesians regarding husbands and fathers we begin to get the true key to our identity; we can be truly awesome husbands and fathers only with Christ at the centre of our lives.  

The Lost Boys

A good question we need to ask ourselves: “Are we more interested in what God can do for us than, rather than having a real relationship with Him? Dave unpacks the powerful story of the lost son and shows us that we can return to a whole hearted relationship with God today.

Apostolic bust up!

Our life was set for jail and only the cross sets our record straight. We cannot then get tricked into taking up a lesser version of Christianity that relies on other stuff. Keith Gamon brings us this theme to help us as we live as Church together – our inclusion in church family being based solely that we are in Christ. With hearts that are accepting towards each other we begin to affect the world around us with this radical…

You are cordially invited to the banquet!

You are cordially invited to the banquet! As Robin shares this amazing short story of Jesus, we are challenged by the overwhelming generosity of God. Will we will soften our hearts to Him? The kingdom of God has no boundaries, everybody is invited. Limitless. Overwhelming generosity. It’s not time to stand back and watch, it’s time to dive in!

Healing is God’s initiative

Jesus came to us to destroy the work of the devil, set us free from sin and sickness, because of His great love for us. On the cross of Jesus, sickness is dealt a decisive blow. Jesus has the full authority to heal the sick because of the cross. Do you believe it? Dave brings a powerful message from Luke unearthing some of these amazing truths. Stepping into a fresh expectation of healing and freedom in Christ changes the way we live every…

The narrow door

People say the narrowness of the Christian life is scandalous! Can there really  be only one way to God? As Dave unpacks this powerful message, we begin to see just how forgiving and open God is and how the door is narrow, but open to all! The big question is have we stepped through this door and turned our life over to God?

Two amazing stories

This week we share two amazing stories of God’s grace working in Michael and Peter’s lives. Can God turn anyone round? Wherever we are, no matter where we’ve been, God can reach us…
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