Sermons on Fruit

Sermons on Fruit

Powerful Friends of God | Pursuing the miraculous | Chris Butterworth

Chris continues his series on “Pursuing the Miraculous” looking at the importance of becoming powerful friends of God. Seeing miracles, signs and wonders is not a about learning  new methods, principles or skills but comes from being in an intimate relationship with him. Out of that relationship comes fruit, the fruit is the same works that Jesus did since we are connected to him and have the same spiritual DNA. God has prepared good works for us to do in…

Spirit Filled Worship

How do we get to a place of delighting in God when there are so many things that can get in the way? We need the Holy Spirit – He is the key to our lives being full of the boldness and confidence to live for and worship God. This week we look at what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit and how we can freely ask for this gift. We also look at what a massive…

What are we to be?

Our old lives are finished when we are in Christ – we are a new creation; but sometimes it feels like we are still fighting the same old battles, because we go back to those old things – but that’s not who we really are. Today Dave unpacks what God has been showing him about the daily impact of walking in this new life…  

The King’s test

  We all love using things that are well tested, whether it’s our car or our doctor! But when it comes to God testing us we can find that more tricky. Dave challenges us to take The King’s Test – to make the most of what God has put in our lives. As we are faithful with a little, God will give us more.

God sees beyond appearances

The world is full of dishonesty and deceptive appearances – they say ‘how much can we get out of it?’, just look at the number of fraudulent insurance claims! It’s easy to fall into that way of thinking, but God says to us – renew your mind and invest your life in something worthwhile, not simply living for what you can get. As Dave takes us on in our journey through Luke we are challenged to look at the opportunities God gives…

Who is the greatest. Connect | Serving

What does it mean to truly serve well? Jesus redirects our whole concept of serving being the key to greatness in God’s kingdom. As Dave takes us into this fantastic finale of our Connect series, we discover what it means to truly serve – from hearts that have allowed Jesus to serve us and love us just as we are.

Giving – God’s Great Invitation

Chris continues our connected series by addressing the vital subject of giving and specifically the role of tithing in the New Testament Church. Many have mistakenly believed that the Tithe came in through the Law of Moses but it was Abraham, our father of faith who instituted this faith-filled activity. He tithed to Melchizadek who was a type of Jesus Christ to show honour. The Tithe belongs to God but according to Malachi and to Jesus, it is a source…

Are you ready for the Master’s return?

Are you ready to serve Jesus? Or distracted by all the trappings of life? As Robin unfolds this key passage in Luke we look at what we are doing with our lives. God has given us influence over our money, our time, our relationships and much more, how are we honouring Him with it all as we prepare for meeting Him face to face?

The sower, the seed and the soil.

Dave Frodsham continues our series looking at Luke. This week we examine the parable of the sower.  Are you scattering seed? What sort of soil are you? Are you hearing the word of God and producing fruit?

Good Fruit and Good Foundtations

It’s always better to give than receive, and we can make the choice to encourage others towards God, instead of judging them in our hearts. Dave shows us here what is the abundance God has poured out on our lives, and how we can use this same abundant measure to bless all those meet.