Sermons on Family

Sermons on Family

The Mystery of Marriage

Dave explains God’s heart for marriage and how much we need God’s spirit and amazing grace for marriage to be successful. We also see that there is a far deeper mystery to marriage that points straight to amazing love Jesus has for His church….

Jacob | Encounters with God | Dave Frodsham

Dave continues our series on Encounters with God, looking at the life of Jacob (the deceiver). It’s amazing how long we can go on striving to win the approval of God and of people. But like Jacob learns we find freedom in embracing our true identity of those who belong to, and are chosen by God.

You are a restorer of relationships

Relationships can be one of the most rewarding and most frustrating parts of life and we need a lot of help to get them right. The good news is that God has restored our relationship with himself 100% –  and now He gives us His power to ‘do’ relationships in a whole new way. We can live with open hearts towards everyone we meet and everyone we know – we are marked by His grace and His love.

Freedom through forgiveness

This challenging word from Sylvia teaches how we should choose to use our tongues to bless and not to curse. Looking at Luke 15 she tells the story of her own breakthrough in forgiveness and how we can find freedom though letting go of a grudge and choosing to not complain – being thankful.

Our Royal Calling

We welcome Martin Dickson to share about our royal calling in God. As Martin opens up this amazing truth, we see we are created to act like God, killing giants and seeing lives changed. Martin kicks this session off by sharing the vision behind ‘Safe Families for Children‘, an inspirational charity that is having an impact upon families in crisis across the UK.

God’s calling on fathers and husbands

  Who am I? That’s a question we often struggle with and there’s all kinds of answers to choose from in this world. As Robin explores what Paul says in his letter to the Ephesians regarding husbands and fathers we begin to get the true key to our identity; we can be truly awesome husbands and fathers only with Christ at the centre of our lives.  

The power of a name

What names define who we really are? Friend, colleague, brother, mum, dad? It’s amazing how powerful names are. As Jan brilliantly unwraps how a name can affect us both positively and negatively; we discover another name that can truly shape who we are, and allow us to live free and fully for God.

Who is the greatest. Connect | Serving

What does it mean to truly serve well? Jesus redirects our whole concept of serving being the key to greatness in God’s kingdom. As Dave takes us into this fantastic finale of our Connect series, we discover what it means to truly serve – from hearts that have allowed Jesus to serve us and love us just as we are.

Connecting through Home Groups

Continuing our connecting series Dave and Michael look at the importance of home groups and 24/7 community in the Christian life. We look at the three key questions: What does it look like to part of a healthy body? Why be part of small group? & What can I expect from home groups at Jubilee? Find out more about Jubilee home groups….. Contact a home group to get involved…..

Jesus’ Family

Is your family perfect? No? In God we won’t be perfect straight away, the struggles remain, the most important thing is that we are united in Christ as His Church, His body. As we come together to worship, we come to encourage each other and see Jesus at the centre of all our of lives. Dave powerfully unfolds how Jesus dealt with his family and those who had become his own disciplines, and reflects how we can be God’s family…