Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith

One Father – Many Nations | Dave Frodsham

As we celebrate International Day at Jubilee Church Wirral, Dave speaks about Abraham, the Father of Nations, who had to believe in God even when he could not see the promise. He walked in faith and trust in what God said and he was called the Friend of God and Father of Many Nations.

Miracle Mandate | Pursuing the Miraculous | Chris Butterworth

Chris kicks off a new series on Pursuing the Miraculous this week with ‘Miracle Mandate’. We haven’t been saved to live ordinary lives, but extraordinary! We are following in the footsteps of Jesus with His power working through us, but what does that look like in your life? And are you prepared to step up for God and live as a pioneer in your sphere of influence…

Kingdom Culture Conference | Session 1 | Mark Curtis

Our heart’s desire is to be a Kingdom people who see and bring God’s will to the Earth as it is in Heaven. Jesus’ command to his disciples, both then and now, is to proclaim that the Kingdom is at hand and to bring salvation & healing to those whom we meet. God is looking for a people on the move, who know who they are, know His heart for people and who are willing to embrace their assignment wherever…

God’s Ultimate Purpose | Ephesians | Dave Frodsham

As we start our exciting new series on Ephesians, we take a big step back to see what amazing treasures Ephesians contains –  one of the most popular books of the bible. Ephesians has been called the most majestic exposition of the gospel. As we dig into this amazing book we expect to become more confident in faith, church, relationships, God and in His power.

Encounters with God | Believing the promise | Dave Frodsham

    Sometimes we are satisfied with less than the fullness of what God has for us. Today as we dive into another Encounter with God we see that believing the unfailing promise Maker allows us to step into the impossible. Dave shows us how living with full faith in God’s promise, draws us into the things of heaven, and the full life God has always wanted us to have.

The day that everything changed | Jonathan Kent

Today is your day of jubilee; your day of restoration. Jonathan Kent unfolds the amazing new reality we are now living in – as God’s spirit filled people. Today there is good news about God’s ‘jubilee’ in your life, the day that everything begins to change.

Walking in our cast iron inheritance

This week Chris speaks to us about walking in who we’ve become in God – getting hold of the great things God has put into us and has stored up for us, simply because we belong to Him. He has paid for you to know the fullness of His favour and love – you can’t earn it, but you live in it through faith.

Spiritual Warefare

To understand the battle, we need to begin with acknowledging that we are in a war. As Christians, we are in a spiritual battle of some sort on a daily basis. Jesus has equipped us as believers with the authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy with a promise that nothing will harm us. Our spiritual battles and warfare are real, even though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging…

What are we to be?

Our old lives are finished when we are in Christ – we are a new creation; but sometimes it feels like we are still fighting the same old battles, because we go back to those old things – but that’s not who we really are. Today Dave unpacks what God has been showing him about the daily impact of walking in this new life…  

The Wrong King

Today we hear a story of two kings, the right king and the wrong king. As we follow this narrative from 1 Kings chapter 1, we reflect on who the true king is in our lives, and how the words we use are either of God’s kingdom; building us up in Him, or of another kingdom entirely.

How do you measure up?

We can expect too little from God….if fact the bible says Jesus is greater than we could possibly imagine; so how is your view of who Jesus is? Is your Jesus just in a Sunday box? Is your Jesus just in a problem solving box? Dave opens up more from the book of Luke revealing that God’s plan is greater than those things – and we can expand our thinking and our lives to see more of God.

Keys to a supernatural culture

Have you ever wondered how to live expectant of God’s power at working every day? We all want to live the new life God has given us to the fullest and Chris gives us four keys we can use to step into all God has for us – prepare to see the impossible made possible as you take God fuelled risks today! The John Wimber video Chris refers to in this talk can be watched here.    

Divine Healing

Divine healing is a key theme running through the bible; God showing His amazing grace through physically healing people. Michael focuses today on the story of Naaman, who was trusting in his status, rather trusting in God’s grace, causing a blockage to God’s healing. We unfold five key characters in this tale and see where our own hearts stand when it comes to an expectation of God’s healing power in everyday life.