Sermons on Evangelism

Sermons on Evangelism

The Suddenly of God | Believers in Action | Dave Frodsham

As we look at the arrival of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, it’s clear that living boldly for God is only possible if you are filled with the Holy Spirit. As Dave unpacks this truth; discover how God wants to fill you today – right now, and set you up for a life filled with the ‘suddenly’ of God.

Rob Davey | The stirring of the waters

Rob Davey (Jubilee Church Solihull) brings us a powerful message of how God is going to take us beyond simply waiting for something to happen, taking us on to taking action and seeing God move as we do.

Connecting through Home Groups

Continuing our connecting series Dave and Michael look at the importance of home groups and 24/7 community in the Christian life. We look at the three key questions: What does it look like to part of a healthy body? Why be part of small group? & What can I expect from home groups at Jubilee? Find out more about Jubilee home groups….. Contact a home group to get involved…..

How to hear from God – Mark Curtis

We were great encouraged to have Mark with us in 2014, the talk is now online in video or audio format, so if you missed Mark’s Saturday evening session check it out. We want to hear from God and be tuned into His voice for every day of our lives, and He loves to speak to us. But how do we do this with all the other voices that clamour for our attention? Mark unfolds what is mean to walk closely with…

Two amazing stories

This week we share two amazing stories of God’s grace working in Michael and Peter’s lives. Can God turn anyone round? Wherever we are, no matter where we’ve been, God can reach us…

Who is my neighbour?

What shall I do to inherit eternal life? In answer to this question Dave unfolds how we are to go above and beyond what the world would say is enough…how far then should we go in being a Good Samaritan? The standard God is looking for is a complete change of heart from the inside out, so our response to the needs of this world come out of His love that he has placed within us. Loving your neighbour? First know…

The sower, the seed and the soil.

Dave Frodsham continues our series looking at Luke. This week we examine the parable of the sower.  Are you scattering seed? What sort of soil are you? Are you hearing the word of God and producing fruit?

Why love?

How do you deal with people you come across? Are you able to receive everyone you meet as Jesus did? Dave unfolds this beautiful story in Luke revealing how our hearts can be changed to others, as we get hold of God’s amazing love. We want to be a church open to receive everyone, no matter who they are.

Jesus Calls

Jesus is calling us from where we are to where He wants us to be. What does His call on our lives actually mean though? And what do we actually need to do about it? Dave opens this up to us as we look further into the book of Luke. Jesus calls His first disciples; turning their worlds upside down. Is His call on your life turning your world upside down too?

In Christ Together – Session 3

As we now look at our own lives in this last session, Steve opens up more from the book of Ephesians, showing us what it means to walk in the fullness of all Gods has for us in Christ in our varied life situations.