Sermons on Baptism

Sermons on Baptism

The Peter Package | Dave Frodsham

In response to Peter’s explanation of the coming of the Holy Spirit – the people are cut to the heart and ask the apostles “Brothers what shall we do?” Peter’s answer comes in a four piece package, like four legs of a stool. 1. Repent (turning our lives back to God) 2. Believe (have faith) in the name of Jesus 3. Be baptised in water 4. Be baptised in the Holy Spirit. As we read through Acts we’ll see these…

Resurrection Day!

How will you respond to the news of Jesus’ resurrection? Are you a sceptic? Or are beginning to marvel at the possibility of a renewed life? Listen as Dave unfolds how the disciples reacted differently to the resurrection, but how their response (and your response) makes all the difference in the world.

Baptism | New Birth in the Holy Spirit

Dave shares the importance of baptism in our lives; both of water baptism, but also of the fantastic filling of the Holy Spirit, the one who comes and fills all those who have put their faith in Jesus. This is where our lives are truly transformed.