Sermons by Vernon Martin

Sermons by Vernon Martin

Vernon Martin – Jesus our PEACE

Vernon considers the many many ways this world tries to achieve lasting peace, and how ultimately we have only one way to to find this as individuals and as community – His name is Jesus!    

Vernon Martin – Focus UP! Worship – Making Disciples

Vernon continues our series on making disciples. Looking at Psalm 24 we look at how Jesus secured our relationship with God and make us pure so we can freely approach God and find the fullness of life in him. We are challenged to keep asserting ourselves that we are holy in Christ and therefore can keep coming to God every day; growing closer to him – the outworking of which affects the whole of our lives in powerful ways.

The Cost of Being a Disciple

As we start our series on ‘Being a Disciple’ Vernon kicks us off from Luke 14:25-35 where Jesus tell us we have to hate those around us to be His follower. The meaning of this statement profoundly affects the way we live and walk with God – we are called to lay down our lives for Jesus so we need to count the cost.

Resurrection Day / vernon martin

Vernon speaks on how the resurrection of Christ is parallelled in our own lives; Jesus is our COMPLETENESS, He is ENOUGH and He is STRONG than anything we will ever face.