Sermons by Sylvia Billington

Sermons by Sylvia Billington

The Blood Of Jesus / Sylvia Billington

Sylvia explains why the blood of Jesus is so important in the context of the bible. We can trust that because Jesus shed his blood for us, we can live in relationship with God, and know His love and power to be Overcomers.

Expecting mountains to be moved

Sylvia shares what it means to look to God, the mountain mover to bring breakthrough – and how we can activate this kind of faith through prayer and fasting. We are expectant that Jesus’ power will be breaking out as we press into all His has stored up for us during our week of prayer and fasting and beyond.

Freedom through forgiveness

This challenging word from Sylvia teaches how we should choose to use our tongues to bless and not to curse. Looking at Luke 15 she tells the story of her own breakthrough in forgiveness and how we can find freedom though letting go of a grudge and choosing to not complain – being thankful.