Sermons by Robin Gerrard

Sermons by Robin Gerrard

Wholly Holy | Robin Gerrard

Sometimes we are so set in our ways of doing things or in our spiritual practices that we miss the opportunities that God has called us to. “Our holiness is like we are wearing a pair of white jeans”. We are just not prepared to go to dirty places or do things that might get our white jeans (holiness) dirty. Jesus did though he mixed with all sorts of people but it was His holiness that rubbed off on the…

To Boldly Go | Robin Gerrard

Robin continues with Acts 4, shows us that it can be easy to shy away from sharing God’s word in the face of persecution. However, like Peter and John we should not be deterred, God equips us with the boldness to go and spread the Gospel.

Who’s cooking your breakfast? | Robin Gerrard

Jesus said to them ” Come and have breakfast.” Now none the disciples dared ask him. “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord. (John 21:12) Robin asked us this question on Sunday and challenged us to follow Jesus. The disciples had gone back to Galilee to wait for Jesus and had decided to do some fishing. They fish through the night and catch nothing until a stranger on the beach tells them to cast their net on the…

What is worship?

    Everybody worships something (or someone), it’s all about what (or who) that is. Today we take an overview of what worship really means as Robin opens our new mini series; he challenges our hearts to assess what true worship looks like, and just how we live our lives as those who worship God in spirit and in truth. During this talk Robin used these inspirational videos on worship: video1, video2  

Trivial Pursuit

The world is trying to define and separate state and religion, to draw a line, but God is clearly involved in both – so what’s the key to this question that Jesus is asked here “Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar?” The key is not who our money belongs to, or who owns what, but who our hearts belong to…  

Luke: The road to Jerusalem

Robin unpacks this intriguing story of the blind man who called out to Jesus from the crowd. We see how he actually had very clear vision even though he was blind – seeing his own need of Jesus and seeing who Jesus truly was. How’s your vision today? Do you need to ask God for fresh eyes to see your need of Him, and what amazing purpose He has for your life?

God’s calling on fathers and husbands

  Who am I? That’s a question we often struggle with and there’s all kinds of answers to choose from in this world. As Robin explores what Paul says in his letter to the Ephesians regarding husbands and fathers we begin to get the true key to our identity; we can be truly awesome husbands and fathers only with Christ at the centre of our lives.  

DFS (Duty | Faith | Sin)

In order to forgive like God does, the disciples asked for more faith! But Jesus says it’s not about how much faith you have, but what we do with your seed of faith. If you’ve got just a tiny bit of faith you can do and ask for what is impossible. Robin challenges us to look at how we live, who we follow and how well honour our amazing God with our lives.

You are cordially invited to the banquet!

You are cordially invited to the banquet! As Robin shares this amazing short story of Jesus, we are challenged by the overwhelming generosity of God. Will we will soften our hearts to Him? The kingdom of God has no boundaries, everybody is invited. Limitless. Overwhelming generosity. It’s not time to stand back and watch, it’s time to dive in!

Are you ready for the Master’s return?

Are you ready to serve Jesus? Or distracted by all the trappings of life? As Robin unfolds this key passage in Luke we look at what we are doing with our lives. God has given us influence over our money, our time, our relationships and much more, how are we honouring Him with it all as we prepare for meeting Him face to face?

Having God’s vision to see His kingdom

Are you looking at the world through ‘Kingdom eyes’ or looking at things in your own way? Are you waiting for everything to be perfect before truly believing and living your life for God. Robin unwraps this fantastically diverse passage in Luke and leaves us with challenges to put the Holy Spirit at the centre of everything we do and everything we are.

Who is the greatest

Robin unfolds this fantastic passage in Luke 9. Jesus sets his face towards Jerusalem and uses the example of a child to give the disciples a lesson in humility. What can we learn and how can our hearts be changed as we come to God in the same way?

Are you The One?

Continuing our journey through the book of Luke, we enjoy this fantastic talk on John the Baptist. What were his opinions about who Jesus really was? We are challenged to ask ourselves how we see Jesus in our lives. Are we allowing Him to unfold His plans for us, or are we calling all the shots – telling Him how things should be!
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