Sermons by Keith Gamon

Sermons by Keith Gamon

United humanity in christ

Keith unpacks world changing truths from Ephesians on the key to unity. This is a powerful message that will give to hope for seeing unity restored in any situation. Keith Gamon lead Christ Central Church in Manchester.

Apostolic bust up!

Our life was set for jail and only the cross sets our record straight. We cannot then get tricked into taking up a lesser version of Christianity that relies on other stuff. Keith Gamon brings us this theme to help us as we live as Church together – our inclusion in church family being based solely that we are in Christ. With hearts that are accepting towards each other we begin to affect the world around us with this radical…

Don’t grow weary

Keith encourages us through great stuff from the book of Act and Hebrews to not grow weary. Are you thinking that it’s all just too hard and feel like giving up? Be encouraged, know that you God is not only with you, but is completely for you.