Sermons by Jonathan Kent

Sermons by Jonathan Kent

The Lord, He is God – Jonathan Kent

Jonathan brings us stories from the life of Elijah, and man who followed God when those around him were not – but life was not easy for him. We discover how God meets Elijah in his struggles in powerful and miraculous ways, and he will me us where we are too.

The Blessed Hope – Jonathan Kent

Titus 2:11-15 If you have given your life to Jesus, you can be confident that you have amazing things ahead – in this life and beyond. Jonathan Kent takes us on a journey about what these blessings actually are – prepare to be blessed by HOPE in Jesus.

From Slaves to Sons // Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent powerfully shares from the book of Galatians on our adoption into the family of God, and how this changes everything for us – now and forever. Discover what it means to ‘live out’ your true place in God’s family, and how this changes the world around you.

Abiding // Jonathan Kent

Great message from Jonathan Kent about abiding in Jesus. Taken from John 15, Jonathan shows what it means to stay connected to Jesus and how He intertwines us with each other to produce good fruit.

Jonathan’s daring plan | jonathan kent

Jonathan Kent took us through his namesake’s battle with the Philistines, where Jonathan the son of King Saul, and his armour bearer with one sword between them to take on a Philistine Garrison. They stepped out trusting God for the victory and started a rout of the whole Philistine army which hugely outnumbered the Israelites who were with Saul. Jonathan explained the context of what was happening. There was no one in Israel to sharpen weapons or work metal, the…

One Thing | Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent spoke spoke from Psalm 27, provoking our hearts to make Jesus the One Thing at the center of all we do.

God’s Restoring Grace | Jonathan Kent

It’s so easy to get discouraged in life as we live for God; but Jonathan brings us good news today – God is in the business of restoring us and setting us up for success. Discover what it means to experience God’s restoring grace and the part we can play in restoring others.

Shaken out of the comfort zone | Jonathan Kent

Jonathan speaks about the glory of living wholeheartedly for God – but it’s easy to simply get comfortable and miss out on all God wants to do through us on the journey. Are you prepared for God to shake you out of your comfort zone today, and step up to live fully for him?

The Radical Christian | Jonathan Kent

We welcome back Jonathan Kent to stir us onward into Spirit filled radical Christian lives, as we discover what this looks like in Acts 2. Need to get shaken up and refreshed in your walk with God? Been too comfortable for too long? Let the Spirit move you afresh today as you listen. Acts 2. Jude 1.  

Hallmarks of the house | Jonathan Kent

Jonathan masterfully takes us through the bible right from the beginning, revealing God’s heart for a people who belong to him. As we catch this for ourselves we discover key hallmarks that show we are his people.

Finding your identity | Jonathan Kent

What our good friend Jonathan Kent shared with us on Sunday was about identity and how that related in the Apostle Peter’s life.  Also that there are identity thieves out there that want to take away our identity and circumstances that shake your identity and also those who fake this identity. He reminded us to know who we are; that we God’s chosen people, that our identity has changed forever and we are to live fruitful and purposeful lives.
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