Sermons by Graham Anns

Sermons by Graham Anns

Strengthen your heart – Graham Anns

Graham Anns speaks to us as a people who need God’s strength in every season in life. Are you strong enough to wing it? Nor am I! Graham activates powerful truths for us, from the story of King David in 1 Samuel 30.

Living by Faith / Graham Anns

Graham Anns, who is part of the ChristCentral apostolic team, demonstrates through Hebrews 11 and 12 how we can live by faith in Jesus alone, and how this one thing powerfully transforms our lives.

Avoid eye contact! (Called to connect) | Graham Anns

Do you avoid catching people’s eye when you are out and about? Or are you looking out for opportunities to connect with those around you. Speaking from Acts 3:1-10 Graham Anns reminds us of the power and life we carry to influence the world around us. Graham is part of the Christ Central Manchester Eldership team. He also oversees the legal, financial and management side of ChristCentral Churches and works with churches in various regions in the UK.

Graham Anns | Will you ask for more?

Graham Anns from ChristCentral challenges us to ask for MORE from God. Are you willing to be bold and ask God, who is a good Father, to give you more than you’ve yet experienced of Him?