Sermons by Denis Knowles

Sermons by Denis Knowles

Working with God’s plans // Denis Knowles

Denis shares three powerful stories from the bible of people who have had to trust God’s plans when thing don’t look good. Is there something in your life that looks like God’s plans are off course, as you put your hand in His let Him assure you that all is well.

You have purpose with God | Denis Knowles

Denis shares how God’s view of the world, good and bad, is the only one to to hold onto. The key truth that Denis shares through a series of fascinating stories, is that we are held onto by God and He has great purpose for us in this mixed up world – He knows exactly where to put us in His plans.

The expectation of revival

Denis brings a wonderful picture of what God’s been saying in recent days, and challenges us to expect the Holy Spirit to bring revival to every area of life. He outlines God’s part in this, and our part in this; using the story of the resurrection of Larazus. Are you living in expectation of what God is bringing?

Jesus fully tested

Continuing our series in the book of Luke we find Jesus in the wilderness being tempted. Denis wonderfully describes how difficult these forty days would have been for Jesus, and through all Jesus’ sufferings, He fully identifies with everything we go through. This talk really challenges us to stand and take of hold this amazing Jesus as He give us forgiveness, strength power and love to live life for Him.