Sermons by Dave Frodsham

Sermons by Dave Frodsham

HEARING is DOING – Dave Frodsham

How are you at hearing? Hearing from other people and hearing from God? It’s easy to run through the day without really engaging with that happening around us or what God’s doing around us. So how do we make sure we’re really engaging with the world and with God?

Living for the Crown of Life – Dave Frodsham

As we kick off our series on the book of James, Dave shares how the difficulties we go through as we walk with and trust God will lead to good things as we press on with Jesus day by day. What are you going through at the moment? Start here with one step. Trust Jesus.  

Turn Up The Brightness – Dave Frodsham

How can we turn up the brightness of God’s kingdom working in and through our lives? Dave takes us on a journey this morning to discover what ‘Kingdom brightness’ looks like in our lives, reflecting on what it looked like for Jesus and therefore how we can walk the same path he did as a church and as individuals.    

Tuning in to God’s mission – Dave Frodsham

Continuing our series on Making Disciples Dave challenges us to see the vital part we play in God’s plans, and how important it is that we stayed tuned in to his voice and take clear steps to do what he says. What steps are you taking for God today?      

The Light of the World – Dave Frodsham

We need light in this dark world, and we have it! As Dave unpacks the words Isaiah the prophet, spoken hundreds of years before Jesus came, we see that Jesus is the light that transforms the darkness. Isaiah 9:1-7      

Breaking Bread Together – Dave Frodsham – Making Disciples

Remembering and responding to what Jesus has done for us is a key part of the Christian life. Keeping Jesus at the centre of all we do is vital, this is why Jesus introduced the principle of breaking bread together. Dave unpacks the powerful meaning behind this and invites us to responds the Jesus afresh. Take a moment to take communion yourself or with someone else, today – put Jesus at the centre again.

Focus Up! The Bible – Dave frodsham

God speaks! Boom – things start changing. We know that the voice of God is powerful so we need to know His living Word, the Bible, in order to walk closely with God, and know His power working in and through our lives.