Sermons by Danielle Wyn

Sermons by Danielle Wyn

Danielle Wynn of Jubilee Church Wirral

JOY! – Danielle Wynn

How do you do maintaining your own joy? Want to know how to stay ‘joy-filled’ every day. Danielle digs into the scriptures to see what God says about the source of our joy.  

Evangelism Under Lockdown – Danielle Wynn – Making Disciples

As we continue our series ‘Making Disciples’ Danielle kicks off the third sections of our series – OUT! Living as our lives to share Jesus and with others and see the world changed. Today Danielle look at the three questions: – Why should we bother to tell people about Jesus. – What should we tell people about Jesus. – How should we tell people about Jesus.  

Perseverance and Hope / Danielle Wynn

Danielle share’s her stories of perseverance and how God has faithfully seen her through as she’s trusted in Him. Also taking powerful snapshots from heroes of the faith, we discover that trusting God to see us through impacts not only our lives but the lives of those around us.

Power In The Presence & Forgiveness | Kezia O’Brien & Danielle Wynn

This week we were blessed to have two key speakers, both delivering excellent messages. First,  Kezia talked about how we should to seek the presence of God and a closer relationship with Him. She recounted the story of King David and his military victories, showing that these came from seeking a closeness to God, through a desire and having a heart for Him, not through his strategical abilities. Secondly, Danielle spoke from Matthew 18 and the importance of forgiveness in…