Sermons by Chris Butterworth

Sermons by Chris Butterworth

Yoke of Sonship | Chris Butterworth

What does it mean to discover your true sonship in Christ, and how does it impact the way we live and love life? Chris speaks from Matthew 11 where Jesus reveals how deeply we are connected to Him and therefore to the Father.

Accelerating in the Miraculous | Chris Butterworth

As Chris unpacks Acts 5 and the miraculous that the disciples ares experiencing, we are drawn into the part that God wants us to play today in accelerating the miraculous. Reminded that Jesus has already gone before us, already paying the price. Our duty now is to take that step and ask for boldness as we go one sharing His work.

Becoming a people marked by courage | Chris Butterworth

Chris shares a message about courage from 1 Samuel 14 regarding Jonathan and his armour bearer. He emphasises the importance of courage individually and corporately as a church and discusses the vision of the church that God is beginning to reveal to us – not just a local church, but an apostolic hub where people are saved, healed, trained, commissioned and sent out; a place of encountering the presence of God and a place with connections throughout the wirral. Main…

The Pursuit to be Healed | Chris Butterworth

As we continue our series on Pursuing the Miraculous Chris gives us 4 keys to pursuing God healing for ourselves and others. If you have been praying and waiting for healing we pray this message will encourage you to keep going to Jesus, believing He is willing.  

Pursuing Healing | Chris Butterworth

What did Jesus mean when he told us to go and heal the sick? As we continue our series on Pursuing the Miraculous Chris shares with us God’s heart to heal and bring freedom in people’s lives, and how He wants to move us with compassion for those around us.

Powerful Friends of God | Pursuing the miraculous | Chris Butterworth

Chris continues his series on “Pursuing the Miraculous” looking at the importance of becoming powerful friends of God. Seeing miracles, signs and wonders is not a about learning  new methods, principles or skills but comes from being in an intimate relationship with him. Out of that relationship comes fruit, the fruit is the same works that Jesus did since we are connected to him and have the same spiritual DNA. God has prepared good works for us to do in…

Miracle Mandate | Pursuing the Miraculous | Chris Butterworth

Chris kicks off a new series on Pursuing the Miraculous this week with ‘Miracle Mandate’. We haven’t been saved to live ordinary lives, but extraordinary! We are following in the footsteps of Jesus with His power working through us, but what does that look like in your life? And are you prepared to step up for God and live as a pioneer in your sphere of influence…

Kingdom Culture Conference | Session 2 | Chris Butterworth

Our heart’s desire is to be a Kingdom people who see and bring God’s will to the Earth as it is in Heaven. Jesus’ command to his disciples, both then and now, is to proclaim that the Kingdom is at hand and to bring salvation & healing to those whom we meet. God is looking for a people on the move, who know who they are, know His heart for people and who are willing to embrace their assignment wherever…

Celebration Sunday | Vision and growth

We love to celebrate all God has done as we look ahead with fresh vision. Dave shares about God’s faithfulness to us as church over the years, and how God is propelling us to step into new things. Chris talks more about our vision for replanting our Jubilee 121 work to the Jubilee Centre and renovating the Jubilee Centre kitchen. As part of the morning we had four fantastic stories of God’s faithful from Beth, Siju, Arlo and Ewan.
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