Sermons by Ben Davies

Sermons by Ben Davies

Get out of your Cave / Ben Davies

There are so many reasons to lock down our hearts in life – but God is able to get us out of every cave >>> Is it time to come out of your cave? Ben Davies share with us from the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19:1-18.

The Issue of the Burning Bush / Ben Davies

Ben Davies from Kerith Community Church Bracknell speak to us powerfully on how God takes us wherever we are at and speaks directly into our lives – whatever our background. God is out to get you from where you are into His presence.

What about….?

Are you a ‘what-about’ person; always finding reasons why God’s abundant blessing is for other people and not for you? Listen to this fantastic preach by Ben Davies about Amaziah who was a ‘what-about’ man, but had it all turned around with one word from God.