The Connect Series

The Connect Series

Who is the greatest. Connect | Serving

What does it mean to truly serve well? Jesus redirects our whole concept of serving being the key to greatness in God’s kingdom. As Dave takes us into this fantastic finale of our Connect series, we discover what it means to truly serve – from hearts that have allowed Jesus to serve us and love us just as we are.

Giving – God’s Great Invitation

Chris continues our connected series by addressing the vital subject of giving and specifically the role of tithing in the New Testament Church. Many have mistakenly believed that the Tithe came in through the Law of Moses but it was Abraham, our father of faith who instituted this faith-filled activity. He tithed to Melchizadek who was a type of Jesus Christ to show honour. The Tithe belongs to God but according to Malachi and to Jesus, it is a source…

Connecting through Home Groups

Continuing our connecting series Dave and Michael look at the importance of home groups and 24/7 community in the Christian life. We look at the three key questions: What does it look like to part of a healthy body? Why be part of small group? & What can I expect from home groups at Jubilee? Find out more about Jubilee home groups….. Contact a home group to get involved…..

Connecting through prayer

We start this new year with a challenge to pray. Pray with all our hearts. Pray devotedly. As we look afresh at what it means to seek God alone and together in prayer, Dave reminds us of God’s powerful word given three years ago. God isgoing ahead of us, we just need to keep engaged with him. What does your prayer life look like? Are you hungry for more of God in your life? As we step into God’s plans…