Luke Series

Luke Series

This series will take a long view of the gospel of Luke with a chapter by chapter approach.

The Ascension

We react to news in many different ways – news can be amazing or very troubling. Here as we come to the completion of our journey through the book of Luke; we find the disciples are troubled and doubting what’s going on, they hadn’t realised just what an amazing thing was unfolding. Jesus appears and speaks straight into their fear – as He speaks straight into yours today. Fear and confusion is turned into confidence, worship and renewed lives.

Resurrection Day!

How will you respond to the news of Jesus’ resurrection? Are you a sceptic? Or are beginning to marvel at the possibility of a renewed life? Listen as Dave unfolds how the disciples reacted differently to the resurrection, but how their response (and your response) makes all the difference in the world.

The arrest and trials of Jesus

How often do we struggle along with anxiety, forgetting that God is waiting for us to bring it to Him. As Jesus faces His greatest trial He falls to His knees before His Father – going to God in the darkness of the garden, He talks with His Father and comes out in the light. As Dave unfolds to us the story of Jesus’ darkest hour, we discover what it means to bring our own anxiety to God and find a peace that goes…

The Passover (God’s amazing plan)

As we approach the summit of our series in Luke, Dave challenges us to stand strong in life as Jesus himself stands with us in every situation. Looking at the amazing outworking of God’s plan throughout history, we see a God who is for us not against us – His good plans for you will never fail.

What’s coming?

We live in a world where we want everything and want it now – you could call it a drive through lifestyle. But when we really take a step back we see that some of the things we’re after are not part of God’s plan. Dave gets us refocused on what really matters in life as he unfolds what an amazing mission we are on with God’s.

Sons of the resurrection

Life is full of questions and Jesus is on the firing line again today as He is questioned about life after death. These questions are not going to get fully answered though, until the religious leaders of the time see Jesus raised from the dead. It’s only when we fully believe that Jesus came back to life and lives today do our big questions of life start making sense.

How do you measure up?

We can expect too little from God….if fact the bible says Jesus is greater than we could possibly imagine; so how is your view of who Jesus is? Is your Jesus just in a Sunday box? Is your Jesus just in a problem solving box? Dave opens up more from the book of Luke revealing that God’s plan is greater than those things – and we can expand our thinking and our lives to see more of God.

Trivial Pursuit

The world is trying to define and separate state and religion, to draw a line, but God is clearly involved in both – so what’s the key to this question that Jesus is asked here “Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar?” The key is not who our money belongs to, or who owns what, but who our hearts belong to…  

Whose authority?

Do we respond to authority that punishes us when we do wrong or authority that corrects us out of genuine love? Dave looks at authority from three different angles; showing us that as we stand firm in God in our lives, we can be true world changers.

The King comes to town

When the King comes to Jerusalem things begin to change in ways that nobody had ever expected. But what’s my response to the arrival of the King? Am I saying yes to this new heart He wants to give me today? Listen as Dave challenges what it truly means to receive a new heart and receive King Jesus.

The King’s test

  We all love using things that are well tested, whether it’s our car or our doctor! But when it comes to God testing us we can find that more tricky. Dave challenges us to take The King’s Test – to make the most of what God has put in our lives. As we are faithful with a little, God will give us more.

Luke: The road to Jerusalem

Robin unpacks this intriguing story of the blind man who called out to Jesus from the crowd. We see how he actually had very clear vision even though he was blind – seeing his own need of Jesus and seeing who Jesus truly was. How’s your vision today? Do you need to ask God for fresh eyes to see your need of Him, and what amazing purpose He has for your life?

Who then can be saved?

Dave looks at two connected events in Luke that point us to how we need to hold our hearts towards God; child-like and ready to give up all to live for him. Where is your heart today? God’s grace is ready to change you for all things are possible with God.

How to pray

It’s hard to trust God when the answers aren’t what we expect, but here in Luke Jesus shows us the way to press forward humbly believing in God’s goodness. But what if our life is not up to scratch? What then?  – do we miss out on God’s goodness? As Dave unfolds these questions we see the righteousness we trust in is actually God’s and not ours, and discover open access to a Father who loves to give us good things…  

Is the Kingdom here or is it coming?

When we look at the Kingdom of God we see breakthrough and changed lives, but there is evidently more to come when we look around the world, so how do we live with this paradigm? As Dave delves into what Jesus says about God’s Kingdom we look at three keys: What is the kingdom of God? The kingdom is here. The kingdom is coming. How we approach each one of these determines how we live for God in our lives. We need to…