Sermons on Galatians

Sermons on Galatians

Warrior | Graham Webb

Learn from the warriors who have won battles with God throughout the bible. In the battle warriors get wounded but we can learn to heal up quickly, get back up and make a difference for Jesus. As Graham shows us what it means to be a warrior we discover how prophesy drives us forwards, that God is always working our battles for good, so we can rejoice in our amazing God.

What are we to be?

Our old lives are finished when we are in Christ – we are a new creation; but sometimes it feels like we are still fighting the same old battles, because we go back to those old things – but that’s not who we really are. Today Dave unpacks what God has been showing him about the daily impact of walking in this new life…  

Back to Basics

We are delighted to welcome Mark Bowell from Jubilee Church Liverpool to bring us Back to Basics. It’s easy to add all kinds of extra trappings to our Christian life whether that’s things we ‘should’ be doing or ways we ‘should’ be behaving. Marks shows us how living in the basics of our freedom in Christ starts and continues with how we are believing.

Apostolic bust up!

Our life was set for jail and only the cross sets our record straight. We cannot then get tricked into taking up a lesser version of Christianity that relies on other stuff. Keith Gamon brings us this theme to help us as we live as Church together – our inclusion in church family being based solely that we are in Christ. With hearts that are accepting towards each other we begin to affect the world around us with this radical…