Sermons on Exodus

Sermons on Exodus

Encounters with God | Moses | Part 2 | Dave Frodsham

Are we ready to turn aside and look to see what God is doing and saying around us every day? Or are we all too quick to put ‘God moments’ off till they are convenient? God is inviting us into an adventure what requires one thing only – obedience. God’s desire is for us, and loves our heart response of ‘here I am – send me today’….

Encounters with God | Moses part 1

This weekend we welcome Ginny Burgin to share her story as we open up what it means to discover the prophetic. Dave picks up on Ginny’s amazing story of encountering God as we dip into our new series on Encounters; starting off this week with Moses. Ginny’s Q and A session on Discovering the prophetic can be found here. Ginny and Stuart are part of City Church Sheffield where Ginny is involved in teaching, training, assisting pastorally, making known what she feels God is…

Healing is God’s initiative

Jesus came to us to destroy the work of the devil, set us free from sin and sickness, because of His great love for us. On the cross of Jesus, sickness is dealt a decisive blow. Jesus has the full authority to heal the sick because of the cross. Do you believe it? Dave brings a powerful message from Luke unearthing some of these amazing truths. Stepping into a fresh expectation of healing and freedom in Christ changes the way we live every…