Sermons on Acts 4

Sermons on Acts 4

Living A Generous Life | Dave Frodsham

Dave continues with Acts and encourages us to seek God’s amazing power and grace. In doing this he calls through the story of Ananias and Saphira for us to be full of integrity, honesty and generosity as God knows our heart even if others don’t. We may not think we are rich compared to others we see around us but when we look around the world we have more than enough compared to the majority. Leaving us with the message that as…

To Boldly Go | Robin Gerrard

Robin continues with Acts 4, shows us that it can be easy to shy away from sharing God’s word in the face of persecution. However, like Peter and John we should not be deterred, God equips us with the boldness to go and spread the Gospel.

Boldness in Adversity | Michael Marcus

Are you on the back foot and timid when we need to preach the gospel? We don’t need to worry or be afraid, as we have the Holy Spirit and He will help us stand up and speak out. This week Michael Marcus challenges us to be bold and seek to spread the word of God. Act 4, Proverbs 28:1