Sermons on 2 Corinthians

Sermons on 2 Corinthians

You are a restorer of relationships

Relationships can be one of the most rewarding and most frustrating parts of life and we need a lot of help to get them right. The good news is that God has restored our relationship with himself 100% –  and now He gives us His power to ‘do’ relationships in a whole new way. We can live with open hearts towards everyone we meet and everyone we know – we are marked by His grace and His love.

Christmas Expectations

What are your expectations of God like? What will God do for you – and through you? As Dave unpacks this groundbreaking passage in Ephesians we begin to see how our expectations affect the whole way we live. Allow God to reshape your heart through this message as you look at your day to day life, expecting and asking God to do ‘exceedingly more than you can ask or even imagine….’

Living in the grace of God

  Mark brings to us the message of God’s amazing grace and how to live in it. Through Ephesians he teaches us that grace embraces every person, meaning the gospel is offensive to the self-righteous. We will never meet anyone who does not have worth and value to God – as Mark unfolds this game changing truth we see how such thinking changes the way we live.

Can my life really change?

God has loved you even before you were even born. In fact His love can transform and renew the whole direction of your life. As Dave shares about the amazing love of God available through Christ, he tells us of a Father who gives us miraculous peace despite our circumstances, and works through the family of God to see all his plans for us fulfilled as our lives truly change.

Connecting through Home Groups

Continuing our connecting series Dave and Michael look at the importance of home groups and 24/7 community in the Christian life. We look at the three key questions: What does it look like to part of a healthy body? Why be part of small group? & What can I expect from home groups at Jubilee? Find out more about Jubilee home groups….. Contact a home group to get involved…..

Two amazing stories

This week we share two amazing stories of God’s grace working in Michael and Peter’s lives. Can God turn anyone round? Wherever we are, no matter where we’ve been, God can reach us…

Ambassadors of Freedom

Understanding our identity in God is one of the core beliefs we have to get right if we are to be effective ambassadors for him. We are not in a battle with our flesh but in a spiritual battle with an enemy who accuses us of having the same sinful nature that he does. In this new creation our bodies have been made pure and clean, temples where the Holy Spirit now dwells. God is the great reconciler and has…

What has God called you to do that you’re not doing?

Are you doing what God’s has placed in your heart, or have you dropped the baton? Graham challenges us; are will still running with God’s purposes in our lives, or are we allowing negative thoughts and strongholds in our lives to stop us in our tracks. God has more for us than we realise,  but how are we going to take hold of this truth and start running again….