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Praying for our neighbours

By Nicki Frodsham, Jubilee Church Wirral

Dave shared this story recently for the Neighbourhood Prayer Network, and I thought that it deserved retelling here as an encouragement for us all to keep praying for our neighbours.

Dave wrote: “We have lived in Wallasey for about seven years and we have always looked to be good neighbours. 

“We have a Labrador who can’t walk very far these days so we do three short walks around the block where we live. 

“I often pray as I walk for the people I know, and also those I don’t, looking for opportunities to bless my road and those nearby. There are lots of things to do, like picking up fallen wheelie bins, putting rubbish in a bin and cleaning up dog mess but often these don’t end in a conversation.

“There has been one unusual opportunity I have found over the last few years which I call the open boot ministry.

“It started with my next door neighbour when I noticed the boot of his car open and his front door shut. I knocked on his door to tell him and he realised he had sat on his car key and that had opened the boot.

“Since then, I have found about four or five different car boots left open, some with bags or shopping left in, but one particular opportunity has led to numerous conversations and a new friend.

“In fact, his whole family says hello and smiles at me now as I walk past their house. I hope to build on this opportunity and invite them to our Christmas guest meeting as now he also knows that I work at the church building by his son’s school.”

Often we don’t think about the simple things we can do to be good neighbours.  In Matthew 22, Jesus says that the first and greatest commandment  is to love God. And then, in verse 39, he says “And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” Our challenge is how can we love our neighbours. 

Jesus also says to do to others as you would like them to do to you.  I’d like someone to think and pray for me when I am struggling, and I like it when my friends do something nice for me and I have great friends who do, but what if you didn’t have friends around?

A few months ago we heard one of our neighbours had a cancer diagnosis. I dropped in a bunch of flowers and a card just to say we were thinking about them and praying. It wasn’t an expensive bunch of flowers but just happened to be her favourite ones. She was delighted and was encouraged on a day when her situation was challenging. Often the simple things are the most effective in building friendships and blessing those around us. 

Our encouragement is to open up your eyes and see opportunities to bless your neighbours and start to build new friendships.

Much love 

Nicki and Dave 

Getting streetwise

A couple of helpful things from the Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN):

1. Regularly prayer walking out on streets will lead to unexpected opportunities for new connections

2. Looking to turn connections into conversations is all part of helping people move one step closer to discovering Jesus.

Connections and Conversations are the first two steps on the disciple-makers’ journey that will help us move to Invitations and ultimately to Multiplying disciples.

Nicki Frodsham and Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral

Nicki and Dave Frodsham, Jubilee Church Wirral

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