Prayer and Fasting | January 2018

Prayer and Fasting | January 2018

January Prayer & Fasting Week
14th to 20th Jan 2018

We will be meeting everyday throughout this week of prayer and fasting so please try and get to one or two of the meetings – there is power when we gather to pray. Please use the topics below as a guide to aid your prayer through the week; be listening to what God might say to you individually during this week – he’s always speaking.
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Sunday 14th 7.00pm: THE Jubilee Centre
Community and discipleship

  • For growth in our relationship with God and worship of God
  • For our current small groups to grow and mature and to see at least two more groups start in 2018
  • To see unity in all our relationships within Jubilee Church
  • To pray for marriage relationships and ongoing support for marriages e.g. the Marriage Course
  • To develop our pastoral care structure and discipleship

Monday 15th 7.30pm: Mick and Helen’s house (New Brighton)
Youth and children – GROWTH

  • Growth in the youth and children’s teams – people with an enthusiasm to see children encounter Jesus
  • Growth in the youth & children’s relationship with Jesus
  • Growth in the youth & children’s spiritual gifts; growth in their desire for the Holy Spirit
  • Growth in the youth & children’s knowledge and understanding of the bible
  • Growth in Kid’s Club attendance and the team!

Tuesday 16th 7.30pm: Andrew and Julie’s house (Upton)

  • For dreams & vision both individually and as a church
  • The development of an apostolic community at Jubilee
  • For influence as a church in the local area surrounding the building – Wallasey/New Brighton
  • For God to raise up leaders and people connected to Jubilee in each geographic area of the Wirral
  • For us to see 10 people saved this year
  • For us to see 10 people healed this year with 5 outside the church

Wednesday 17th 7.30pm: Alan and DI’s house (wallasey)

  • To call on God for faith to rise up (inside and outside the church)
  • For faith that believes and trusts God’s word to us
  • For faith that obeys and acts on that word, overcoming fear – stepping out.
  • For faith that increases our expectation levels (inside and outside of church), for salvation, healings, miracles, to believe and ask for more.

Thursday 18th 7.30pm: Michael and Nelleke’s house (Prenton)
The power of the Holy Spirit

  • Moving us to step out and expecting to see miracles
  • Being open to God doing wonders in us and through our lives
  • See amazing outcomes to prayer that defy our thinking on what is normal
  • Church growth through people coming to see all that God is doing among us

Friday 19th 7.30pm: Matthew and cheryl’s house (Ellesmere port)
Revival & Renewal

  • To see revival and  renewal sweep across the Wirral
  • Increased confidence throughout the church to us gifts of the Spirit
  • Church planting
  • To raise the bar on the scope, variety and amount of evangelism and outreach going on through Jubilee Church

Saturday 20th 8.00am: Prayer breakfast THE Jubilee Centre
STEPPING OUT with the miraculous GOSPEL

  • Seeing more boldness in stepping out using gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Stepping out of comfort zones to pray for people in everyday life
  • Living as a people who rely off the power of God everyday to see breakthrough and culture shift
  • To live with an expectation that the world will encounter God through us