Dave continues his message about how Jesus is the bread of life by looking at how Jesus is the king of kings.

There are many passages in the Bible where Jesus is spoken of as a king:

– Psalm 2:10-12
– In Luke 1:30–33, where Jesus is announced as being born as King
– In Matthew 2:1-6, where the wise men come seeking to worship the new born King of Jews
– In John 12:12-15, where he enters Jerusalem and is welcomed as the king
– In Luke 23:35–38, where he is mocked with the title “King of the Jews” on the cross
– In Hebrews 1:3–4, Revelation 17:14 and Revelation 19:16, where he is called the King of Kings and Lord of Lords after his death and resurrection

Dave asks us if we are truly making Jesus king of our lives every day.