Newday 2024
Monday July 29th – Saturday August 3rd 2024

newday 2024

What is Newday?

Newday exists because our nation desperately needs Jesus. That’s why, for most of the last two decades, its organisers have been working hard to bring their vision to life.

Around 8,000 young people from all over the world flock to the week-long event each summer, worshipping together every night, attending daily seminars on subjects as diverse as how to pray, and worship, to the enduringly popular “Tough Questions” series, covering subjects like sex, transgender issues and suffering.

God has done some incredible things in young people’s lives at Newday over the years: decisions to follow Christ, physical healings, deep hurts healed, questions answered, situations transformed, and lives equipped to live fully for Him.

From the Newday website:

We understand that it can be quite daunting to start thinking about coming to an event for the first time, so we like to try and make it as stress-free as possible.

Newday is for 12-18 year olds and designed to be attended as a youth group: groups will be allocated a camping site within one of our coloured zones and often bring a marquee to share as a group for cooking, eating and socialising. Groups will need to bring their own tents and equipment for sleeping/cooking/eating or arrange to hire from a suitable company. Newday can provide (for a small fee) lighting and charging facilities for mobile phones in your group marquee and power for a fridge and/or freezer in the Zone Host tent for your camping zone.

There’s lots of useful information on the Festival pages of our website, so lots of what you need to know can be found here.

We also have our ‘Support Centre’ with a dedicated section detailing how to organise a group for Newday, which can be found here.

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Newday 2023: The supercut

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Francis Chan at Newday in 2017

Simon Brading at Newday in 2023: Fishers of Men

Julie and Andrew Greenhalgh

Julie and Andrew are senior Jubilee youth leaders and member of the Jubilee staff. Julie is a teacher, Andrew is a writer and they have been coming to Newday as youth leaders since 2015.

Julie: Being a youth leader at Newday is honestly such a huge privilege!

I feel so blessed and excited to see God working in the lives of our young people as they enjoy this amazing week. Even the bedtime duties and tent fixing don’t put me off going year after year!!!

Andrew: I feel so blessed to be able to go to Newday.

Watching our young people form relationships with God, and have an absolutely brilliant time doing it, is incredibly encouraging.

It’s hard work, and exhausting, but it is absolutely worth it. And although the talks and worship are aimed at 11-18-year-olds, I learn so much every single day! I wouldn’t miss it.

Andrew Greenhalgh and Julie Greenhalgh Upton Life Group leaders Jubilee Church Wirral

Julie and Andrew

Nicki Frodsham

Nicki is a Newday stalwart, having been to virtually every event since it started in 2004. Her three children – Ben, Abi and Josh – came to every Newday and now serve on the Newday and Jubilee teams.

In 2004 Dave and I attended the first Newday camp at Newark with our three children and I have only missed one event since.

Each year Dave and I go to serve at the camp. It is such a privilege to support this amazing event, seeing thousands of young people worshipping God.

I have had a few different roles: caterer, children’s worker (there is a children’s work for those serving at Newday), and this year I was stewarding in the enormous Big Top.
I know that Newday has been a really significant part of the lives of our 3 children and their walk with God.

Nicki and Dave

Alison Hardy

Alison is a senior Jubilee youth leader and has been coming to Newday for several years. She is also a trained and qualified counsellor.

Even though it’s hard work, and by the Wednesday I’m usually saying “I’m never doing this again,” taking young people to experience God in a new way, to a space that allows them to grow in their relationship with him, is a privilege.

I’ve been brought to tears by reading what Newday means to them and praying that the young people who go this year will encounter God in a new way.

Alison with her husband Andrew

Dawne Cooper

Dawne is a long-term member of the Jubilee Church Wirral family and the first youth leader to take Jubilee teenagers to the festival. 

Newday is an awesome opportunity for the young people to realise they are part of something much bigger than just jubilee church.

It gives them the opportunity to explore Christ and Christianity in a safe, fun, encouraging environment. A great opportunity for both youth and leaders to grow closer together as a group.

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t see God doing anything in the young people. You really don’t know what’s going in and how God is working in them.

Remember as a leader to make time for you and God each day. You can’t keep giving out over the whole week if you don’t feed yourself.

It is the most exhausting and trying week you will go to, but also the most edifying, fun, encouraging week! Have fun and be excited by what God has in store for you xx

Andrew Greenhalgh and Julie Greenhalgh Upton Life Group leaders Jubilee Church Wirral

Dawne Cooper

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Danielle asks us “Are you listening to the Lord?” and to pray for our young people a few weeks ahead of their trip to Newday this year.

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Coming to Newday?
What to bring and more

newday 2023
what to bring

This is a (by no means exhaustive!) list of what you should bring with you to Newday.

It is a list which has been put together by Newday veterans who have learned what is and isn’t needed from many years of experience.

If it’s on the list, trust us – you need it!

  1. Clothes and underwear for six days (Don’t forget pyjamas!)
  2. Wellies/sandals and some trainers
  3. Waterproof jacket (essential)
  4. Plate bag: Set of cutlery, plastic mug, plate and bowl (please put your name on these!!)
  5. Sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, foam mat (+ eye mask and ear plugs!)
  6. Torch (plus spare torch or batteries)
  7. Tea towel for drying your own dishes
  8. Bible, notebook & pen
  9. Water bottle and large towel
  10. Toilet roll x1, hand soap & hand sanitiser (They run out often!) 
  11. Toilet bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, shower gel, etc) AND carrier bag for keeping stuff dry in shower
  12. Small rucksack/bag for coach: Money; packed lunch for on the coach, sunhat, sun cream, stuff to do – it’s a long (5hrs+) journey from Wirral to Norfolk

*No chairs are provided for main meetings – delegates and youth leaders alike are all seated on the ground – so we recommend that you also bring something to sit on. Lightweight foldable camping seats (such as this one from Millets) are relatively inexpensive and incredibly useful.

Nicki’s top tips!

Nicki Frodsham has been coming to Newday since the inaugural event in August 2004. Her tried and trusted “top tips” list has been used by many Jubilee Newday delegates, some of whom have grown up to become Newday helpers!

  1. May get cold at night so have several layers available: e.g. vest/t-shirt/PJs/jumper
  2. In wet weather, shorts and sandals are ideal
  3. Baby wipes are handy
  4. Tippex or nail varnish are useful to mark plates, cutlery etc.
  5. Make sure your belongings don’t touch the sides of the tent (it will leak when it rains)

Need to know more?

If you are coming to Newday with Jubilee, you should have had a copy of  our information sheet with departure times, useful phone numbers and more.

If you haven’t had a copy, you have somehow managed to lose it or you would like another one, let us know by emailing Danielle Wynn, our Director of Youth & Children’s Ministry, at or emailing

Nicki Frodsham with her husband Dave

Move Like This – the Newday anthem