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Newday 2022: What a year!

Jubilee Church Wirral at Newday 2022 

After months of planning, many fundraising events and huge amounts of hard work, Newday is over for another year.

This year, Jubilee took 26 young people – including some who would never have described themselves as Christians – to the Norfolk Showground for the week-long event, expecting God to change lives and nurture relationships.

He did not disappoint.

In a future blog, we will talk to various Jubilee young people, from Newday newbies to those for whom Newday 2022 was the last year as a delegate. But for this week, we are going to hear from a handful of the people who made it possible: the Jubilee Newday youth leaders.

Newday is exhausting, the toilets and showers are grim, it’s difficult to sleep, by the end of the week emotions are frayed (and that’s just the leaders🤣) and there’s loads of wasps.

However, seeing the young people worshipping, some of them accepting Jesus into their lives for the first time, experiencing The Holy Spirit, encountering God, praying for each other, developing friendships with one another makes it all worthwhile.

What a privilege to be able to pray with them, share a picture with them or speak into their lives.  To hear them talking about wanting to come back and serve when they are too old to come as delegates is just so good.

Serving alongside friends who can be real and honest with each other, support each other and encourage one another is a real blessing.

Alison Hardy

Newday is completely exhausting!

But…nothing compares to watching our young people huddled together praying for each other and the world around them, lifting their voices in worship; some meeting with Jesus for the first time, others discovering a deeper relationship with Him.

It’s an amazing privilege to share the week with them and I’ve never watched so much volleyball in my life!!

Julie Greenhalgh

It would be so easy to overlook how blessed we were.

There were only a couple of tantrums about meals and they were from me. Arguments were reconciled; the weather was ideal (one chilly evening to show us how good it was); no-one was lost for hours or missing at a meeting or meal time.

It was good to get to know the youth a little more and put names to faces.

I discovered I am constantly holding  a powerful tool and all the materials I need to use it but letting it sit while I sit. I spent a lot of time praying.

And enjoying the fact I don’t need to know what I am praying about to intercede using the gift of tongues.

Newday in a few words: sunshine, watching, praying and learning about you all,  and we can’t be in the presence of God moving like that without His moving in  us too.

Sheena Mathieson

It is such a privilege to be part of growing the kingdom of God. Sharing the gospel with our young people, knowing it will change their lives forever is truly awesome. Praying together to bring healing and watching God work in hearts and minds is humbling.

Danielle Wynn

Newday never fails to take my breath away at the sheer number of young people together worshipping our God. What amazing teaching, worship and fun (with a little hard work thrown in!) seeing our youth sharing and praying together was such an inspiration and I know that they will all have come back knowing a bit or a lot more about Jesus.

Matt Wilson

God has truly blessed us with a wonderful group of young people at Jubilee and I felt privileged to see them pray and worship together without any trace of embarrassment or hesitation.

Their passion for the word of God and eagerness to find out more about Him is genuinely inspirational.

What a week it was!

Andrew Greenhalgh

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