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Media Hub (Page 3)

The Blood Of Jesus / Sylvia Billington

Sylvia explains why the blood of Jesus is so important in the context of the bible. We can trust that because Jesus shed his blood for us, we can live in relationship with God, and know His love and power to be Overcomers.


Dave speaks from Act 21 where we find Paul living for Christ with his whole heart, even stating “I am ready” to do anything and go anywhere for Christ – what does it mean for us today to have the same passion and heart that Paul did?

Raising Children and Disciples / Charlotte Webb

Charlotte shares what it means to live real and authentic Christian lives with our young people, the struggles and the joys. We can see their hearts connect with God by living out our walks openly and lovingly before them. Charlotte Webb is part of Jubilee Church Liverpool

Faith to Finish / Dave Frodsham

Believers in Action series, Acts 20. Dave powerfully shows us what it means to press on full of faith to do the very best with God has given us, despite the circumstances.

HIS LIFE IS IN YOU // Rick Robertson

As we continue our series in Acts ” Believers in Action”, Rick looks at the resurrection of Eutychus. Together we explore the fundamental purposes of healing and resurrection today, as this points us back towards Jesus’s victory of death and how His life now lives in us as Christians today. Bible refs: Acts 20:1-16, Romans 6:10-11, Colossians 1:27, John 1:4-5, John 5:24, John 14:2, John 14:12, John 16:7. Here’s a link to the resurrection story of Ian McCormack that Rick mentioned…

Faith Not Formula // Healing // Dave Frodsham

There are many different ways that Jesus and the early church went about doing ‘healing’, so how can we learn from what they did – but still keep Jesus at the centre? Let’s keep stepping out and seeing God’s kingdom come through healing.

Working with God’s plans // Denis Knowles

Denis shares three powerful stories from the bible of people who have had to trust God’s plans when thing don’t look good. Is there something in your life that looks like God’s plans are off course, as you put your hand in His let Him assure you that all is well.

Who Are You // Dave Frodsham

You might think your life is pretty ordinary, but when you walk in friendship with Jesus, your ordinary life becomes extraordinary. Find out about the extraordinary lives of the early church as we continue our series “Believers in Action” from the book of Acts.

From Slaves to Sons // Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent powerfully shares from the book of Galatians on our adoption into the family of God, and how this changes everything for us – now and forever. Discover what it means to ‘live out’ your true place in God’s family, and how this changes the world around you.

Who needs the Holy Spirit? // Dave Frodsham

Who the Holy Spirit is, and how He works in our lives is integral to everything for our Christians lives. As part of our series through the book of Acts, we look at how the Holy Spirit affects every area of our lives with the love and power of God – people will notice!

Living by Faith / Graham Anns

Graham Anns, who is part of the ChristCentral apostolic team, demonstrates through Hebrews 11 and 12 how we can live by faith in Jesus alone, and how this one thing powerfully transforms our lives.