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The Cost of Being a Disciple

As we start our series on ‘Being a Disciple’ Vernon kicks us off from Luke 14:25-35 where Jesus tell us we have to hate those around us to be His follower. The meaning of this statement profoundly affects the way we live and walk with God – we are called to lay down our lives for Jesus so we need to count the cost.

The Blessed Hope – Jonathan Kent

Titus 2:11-15 If you have given your life to Jesus, you can be confident that you have amazing things ahead – in this life and beyond. Jonathan Kent takes us on a journey about what these blessings actually are – prepare to be blessed by HOPE in Jesus.

Arrival / Dave Frodsham

Dave finishes our fantastic preaching series ‘Believers in Action’ with the final chapter of Acts 28. As we walk forward let’s see clearly again, that God has arrived and has great plans to take us forward with Him, and His kingdom comes in power today.

The Kingdom of Small Things / Rick Robertson

Looking at the parables of the mustard seed and the yeast from Luke, Rick helps us understand the significance of the small things in our lives, and how God uses the things that we don’t think are up to much for His Kingdom.

Man, murderer or god / Dave Frodsham

As Paul continues his journey as a prisoner, on his way to Rome, they are shipwrecked on Malta and Paul has to work out what it means to live in his identity as a Christian in an unfamiliar place amongst an unfamiliar culture (sound familiar?).

Get out of your Cave / Ben Davies

There are so many reasons to lock down our hearts in life – but God is able to get us out of every cave >>> Is it time to come out of your cave? Ben Davies share with us from the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19:1-18.

FACT CHECKED / Dave Frodsham

From our Believers in Action series. Acts 25/26. As the apostle Paul faces charges for the message he is sharing about Jesus, we can look at our own lives and consider what we are doing with this amazing message we have been given.

HOPE IN GOD / Dave Frodsham

Dave shares from Acts as we continue our series ‘Believers in Action’. When you have your hope in God, you are able to stand and keep running despite opposition. Hope in God and nothing else is the key.

Resurrection Day / vernon martin

Vernon speaks on how the resurrection of Christ is parallelled in our own lives; Jesus is our COMPLETENESS, He is ENOUGH and He is STRONG than anything we will ever face.