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Graham Webb on Joshua 2

Graham Webb on Joshua 2: How God saved the Gentile prostitute Rahab and made her a part of the line of Jesus. He doesn’t leave her as a sinner – but makes her a saint.

He who has ears – Helen O’Brien

(Mark 4:1-9) Helen O’Brien of Jubilee Church Wirral  on being open to God, asking Him questions, listening to what He has to say to us and coming to church with the right heart.  
Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral

The Father’s Will – Dave Frodsham

(Psalm 103: 1-19) Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral  on Psalm 103 and how God’s compassion made a way to forgive all our sin and iniquities, to heal all our diseases, and deliver us from the sentence of death. The passage says God knows that we are short-lived in terms of eternity comparing us to the grass in the field but that His love for us as Father is beyond anything we can comprehend or calculate.  
Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral

What is Your Life? – Dave Frodsham

(James 4:13-17) Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral preaches on James 4: 13-17. In this passage, James rebukes those who don’t give God the opportunity to change our plans, instead boasting about what they are going to do. We should be boasting in what God has done and not arrogantly making plans of how we are going to succeed.  

Walking with God – Rick Robertson

Rick looks at why we walk with God; what it meant for those in Biblical times who walked with God; what it looks like for us to walk with God, and challenges us to ask ourselves: How can we have a better walk with God?  
Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral

The Tongue Is A Fire! – Dave Frodsham

(James 3:1-11) Dave Frodsham looks at the power of the tongue, and how it can be used to praise God and encourage others. But the tongue can also be dangerous, so we need to control it, and have faith in God to help us do that.  
Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral

Uncorrupted Religion – Dave Frodsham

What does the word religion make you think of? It may have many connotations for you, but what does it mean in the bible? Dave speaks from James about what the true meaning of religion is, and how it is a calling on our lives to live this way.
Dave Frodsham of Jubilee Church Wirral

HEARING is DOING – Dave Frodsham

How are you at hearing? Hearing from other people and hearing from God? It’s easy to run through the day without really engaging with that happening around us or what God’s doing around us. So how do we make sure we’re really engaging with the world and with God?
Danielle Wynn of Jubilee Church Wirral

JOY! – Danielle Wynn

How do you do maintaining your own joy? Want to know how to stay ‘joy-filled’ every day. Danielle digs into the scriptures to see what God says about the source of our joy.