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The life-changing power of a good Life Group

By a long-time member of the Jubilee Church Wirral family

Are you a member of a Life Group?

If you’re now thinking “Oh no, not that again, I do so wish they would stop going on about Life Groups all the time” then chances are you’re not.

But there’s a reason we go on about them. We know their power.

At Jubilee, our official line on Life Groups is that “we want everyone to know and be known in a smaller community of believers who can love, encourage, provoke, support and believe in them.”

That “it’s difficult for everyone to know everyone in a growing church but in a Life Group community there’s the opportunity to grow, thrive and walk with others.”

We also talk about how our Life Groups are “relaxed, comfortable meetings with tea, coffee, cake and plenty of laughs” too. Because they are!

But there’s more to it than that. Being in a Life Group can actually change your life.

One of our regulars, who shall remain nameless for now, has shared his experiences of joining a Life Group as a very new Christian.

He said: “I joined the church for a variety of reasons…mainly because a girl I really liked refused to have a serious relationship with me if I didn’t have a serious relationship with God.

“I had been to churches before, but nothing prepared me for the welcome I got at Jubilee. It was amazing.

“Before I knew it, I was being invited to a midweek group. I had no idea what one of these was, so off I went.

“There was such a mish-mash of different people from different backgrounds with different opinions on just about everything.

“I absolutely loved it.

“I felt I learned more about God and grew closer to Jesus in a handful of meetings there than I had in years of going to more traditional churches. They didn’t have anything like midweek groups.

“It was without doubt through my midweek group that I came back to Jesus.

“My whole life changed forever. The girl I liked agreed to carry on seeing me and within a year we were married.”

Perhaps you don’t want your life changing. Perhaps you’re happy as you are. We understand that.

But maybe you need a friend sometimes, or someone to support you through a tough time. Life Groups can do that.

Better still, maybe you can be one of the people who help someone in a difficult time.

Isn’t it worth trying one? At least once?

Pre-pandemic, our Life Groups met on different nights throughout the week in our Life Group leaders’ homes.

At present, they meet in a variety of locations – at the Jubilee Centre, over Zoom and occasionally in our members’ gardens!

To join a group or attend a meeting, send us an email at and we’ll be in touch. You’ll be glad you did.

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