Our stories

Our stories

Blog: Sunday is coming!

This Easter weekend, Dave reflects on the promise that Resurrection brings, the promise of new life and the hope that can never be defeated.
Caravan park with static caravans

Blog: Gratitude

Nicki Frodsham on the importance of saying thank-you to God every day – for all the little things we are thankful for.

Blog: Comparison

Alison Hardy on comparison – how God reminded her that we are all different, have different gifts and will bear fruit at different times and in different ways

Easter Sunday

Details about our Easter Sunday family service at Jubilee.

Blog: Jesus is our peace

Our worship leader Vernon Martin looks at our search for justice and peace in today’s world and asks “Where does Jesus fit in?”

Blog: Thank You

As we work our way through our series on discipleship, Danielle Wynn on all of the moments that contribute to our growing in our faith.

Blog: Gospel living

As we look to continue our series “Making disciples”, Dave Frodsham looks at what it means to be disciple-making disciples.